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p5wd2-e premium RAID 0 problems
by coopnhtown 13 years ago
I cannot get to the RAID configuration screen after POST to setup my SATA drives in RAID 0. ASUS has been unable to help so far. If you have the same board setup please send a reply.
Bios upgrade
by Colt 13 years ago
You shouldn't have to re-install Windows after a bios upgrade.
Blocky output to VHS
by Colt 13 years ago
I am trying to output to VHS a 20 minute promo vid for a fishing charter. It contains a couple of photo sequences and 16 min. of video. Using Vegas 6 the project was rendered as an AVI and seems fine
Ok now I'm in serious trouble
by Colt 13 years ago
Got home tonight and my Pyro A V Link won't power up. So now I need to get creative on getting this project out to VHS. If I can find someone with a DV camera and pass the file through to a VCR, that
My DIY 4 experience far so good.
by Colt 13 years ago
Hey Just thought I'd post a couple thoughts that might help with the P5WD2 Premium board. I just finished getting a very similar box to DIY 4 running and it's a bit tricky. I spent a lot of time on th
Using a P4
by Colt 13 years ago
Hey Wes Tha P5WD@ Premium board is a socket 775 board. Without the bios upgraded to the 0606 version the machine will only post with a P4 socket 775 processor. I robbed my sons chip ( P4 3 GHz) and in
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