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Price v Performance - is Upgrade worth it?
by DeeJayX 9 years ago
Hi there, been reading the DIY articles for the past few days as I've been really getting into editing over the past few weeks. This has lead to a few questions, I've read many other boards as well on
Re: Price v Performance - is Upgrade worth it?
by John Q 8 years ago
When I bought my HDV camcorders, tape made sense, because there was no inexpensive archive media that could handle that much data. Tape seemed a cost-effective archive media. Now flash memory and arch
core i7 Sandy Bridge has slower rendering times Vegas Pro10c
by James Redmond 9 years ago
Several weeks ago I asked about the new i7 Sandy Bridge for Vegas 10c-64 bit in this forum. Before the recall I rebuilt a system with the Sandy Bridge i7 2600K processor, Asus P8P67 Deluxe motherboard
Re: core i7 Sandy Bridge has slower rendering times Vegas Pro10c
by John Q 9 years ago
You might want to check on whether your motherboard is affected by the announced Intel chipset problem. http: 2011 01 31 intel-finds-sandy-bridge-chipset-design-flaw-shipments-stopped
New Dell Machine
by jgraves 9 years ago
Working on the Dell site...have the following picked out. Wondering if I'm missing worried that the Dell folks are not experts with video editing. This is for my school using Adobe c
Re: New Dell Machine
by John Q 9 years ago
You'll want the resource cd. It contains the drivers for the hardware, which you'd need for reinstallation and is a bootable diagnostic disc to test the computer hardware.
capturing from j-30/sdi
by rookie 9 years ago
Hello all! First of all, i'd like to say that i'm a rookie, so please try to be patient I want to capture video from j-30 sdi deck and i have some questions. The system is: -OS is vista home -4GB ram
Re: capturing from j-30/sdi
by John Q 9 years ago
The only reason to buy a capture card is to convert analog video into digital. Your digital Beta tapes are already digital. You just need to transfer that "data" to your computer. Your tape
Purchasing Cineform from Videoguys
by laserblazer 9 years ago
Hi from a Newbie. I see that neoscene is on $100 from Videoguys. Can anyone tell me if this is available as a download If a box is shipped to the UK, then it's probably not such a good deal. I'm runni
Re: Purchasing Cineform from Videoguys
by John Q 9 years ago
Unless the policy changed, NeoScene is a download. You'll get a Serial Number email from Videoguys with a link to the download.
New CS4 editing System
by mdwalker86 10 years ago
I went with the newest DIY: ASUS P6T6 V2 Deluxe 6 GB RAM i7 920 Processor 3 TB external storage ATI HD 4890 display card (1 GB ram) Corsair 750 W power supply Windows 7 professional ADOBE Production S
Re: New CS4 editing System
by John Q 10 years ago
I found that I had pixel shifting problems with HDV using the native HDV support in CS4. Once I installed and used Cineform, my video quality issues went away. You can read about and download a trial
Help with PP CS4 issue
by pneffkell 10 years ago
I am having an wierd problem with PP CS4. I have a 30 minute HDV timeline laid out and but any time I want to render it the system runs to about 15% and locks up without any error codes at all. It sho
Re: Help with PP CS4 issue
by John Q 10 years ago
When I do my editing, I use standard HDV settings, 1440x1080i @ 29.97 fps. I found Premiere is much happier if you edit at the actual resolution of the source video. And with Cineform, you don't need
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