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December 2nd 2009
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GoPro 3 support - missing coefficient data
by Bruce Geddes 2 weeks ago
Hi, I have downloaded the latest Core Melt Lock and Load plugin. I am trying to use it to stabilise some rolling shutter issues but at the moment when I select the camera as GoPro, Black edition, Pal,
Re: GoPro 3 support - missing coefficient data
by Eberhard Ammelt 18 hours ago
When you select Lock & Load in the effects panel and make the overlay visible, there's a help button in the bottom left corner. When you click on it, the documentation opens as pdf. Regards, Eberhard
by Larry Lamb 2 weeks ago
I just purchased TrackX and SliceX bundle Friday. Ihave spent most of 2 days trying to make the the text tracker all. I have tried different shots, attempting to track different shapes, with
Re: TrackX
by Eberhard Ammelt 2 weeks ago
Hello, can you please explain exactly your setup and what happens when you're trying to track a shape Regards, Eberhard
Issues with Lock&Load and SliceX/TrackX in FCPX
by Peter Kesten 3 weeks ago
Hi! First, I am new to this forum, therefore: Hello to all! Now for my issues with the two plugins: Lock&Load Almost every time, when I apply this plugin to a clip in my timeline and render it afterwa
Re: Issues with Lock&Load and SliceX/TrackX in FCPX
by Eberhard Ammelt 3 weeks ago
Hello, regarding the Lock & Load issue I can send you a preliminary fix. Please send me your email address to eberhard (at) I cannot reproduce the first SliceX TrackX tracking issue. The
Core Melt Blur Shape Mask is crap!
by Scott Tuchman 2 months ago
Can someone please explain to me why these tracking plugs never work I've wasted hours trying to get Core Melt Blur Shape Mask to track and no matter how many times I set key frames the track is alway
Re: Core Melt Blur Shape Mask is crap!
by Eberhard Ammelt 2 months ago
Regarding the background render problem I've sent you an email to your gmail address. I need to see your video in order to give some advice. Can you please upload it Eberhard
Coremelt Luminous RGB Trails glitches! :(
by Lola Mala 2 months ago
Hi - I'm getting VERY frustrated with this plugin. The Coremelt Luminous RGB Trails produces glitches whenever I render it out, can anyone tell me why this is I'm on a Macbook Pro 2.66ghz 1tb 8GB, usi
Re: Coremelt Luminous RGB Trails glitches! :(
by Eberhard Ammelt 2 months ago
The system log is text based. You can see it when you open the Console application and choose "All Messages". Then look for messages from Final Cut Pro while the glitches appear. Please send these mes

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