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Ed McCarthy
TrackX Track Layer trouble
by Ed McCarthy 4 days ago
I'm losing my mind trying to get this to work. I have footage of an actor in front of a green screen holding an iPhone with the screen positioned generally towards camera. It's a quick 2 seconds of a
Re: TrackX Track Layer trouble
by Eberhard Ammelt 3 days ago
There's a button "Tracking Options" in the tracking controller panel, where you can adjust these settings. Eberhard
SliceX and Transform: I am very confused.
by Emmanuel Tenenbaum 1 week ago
Hi, Several times those last months I've been using SliceX and experienced an issue that I found extremely annoying, see image below: The actual mask is not aligned with the mask I designed! Today I h
Re: SliceX and Transform: I am very confused.
by Eberhard Ammelt 7 days ago
There is no easy workaround for this issue, and a compound clip doesn't help here. For now I suggest to apply SliceX and adjust the shape without transforming the clip. After you've completed adjustin
GoPro 3 support - missing coefficient data
by Bruce Geddes 1 month ago
Hi, I have downloaded the latest Core Melt Lock and Load plugin. I am trying to use it to stabilise some rolling shutter issues but at the moment when I select the camera as GoPro, Black edition, Pal,
Re: GoPro 3 support - missing coefficient data
by Eberhard Ammelt 3 weeks ago
When you select Lock & Load in the effects panel and make the overlay visible, there's a help button in the bottom left corner. When you click on it, the documentation opens as pdf. Regards, Eberhard
by Larry Lamb 1 month ago
I just purchased TrackX and SliceX bundle Friday. Ihave spent most of 2 days trying to make the the text tracker all. I have tried different shots, attempting to track different shapes, with
Re: TrackX
by Eberhard Ammelt 1 month ago
Hello, can you please explain exactly your setup and what happens when you're trying to track a shape Regards, Eberhard

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