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Benoit Cote

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October 18th 2011
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Standard Candle 9.0
by Sascha Haber 2 years ago
Hello everyone, now that Resolve 9 is official and people are using it in production, its time to update the Standard Candle. A standard candle is a known source of luminosity . Here some more detaile
Re: Standard Candle 9.0
by Benoit Cote 9 months ago
GUI quadro 4000 Cubix x3 GTX 780 V01 04 blur nodes 24 fps V02 08 blur nodes 24 fps V03 16 blur nodes 24 fps V04 32 blur nodes 24 fps V05 64 blur nodes 15fps V06 01 NR 2 nodes 24 fps V07 03 NR 2 nodes
New Mac Pro
by Vladimir Kucherov 10 months ago
Thoughts Basically a CPU core and all expansion via Thunderbolt. Makes a lot of sense. I wonder if there will be an elegant enclosure to hold all the bits together and how much they'll sell the variou
Re: New Mac Pro
by Joseph Owens 10 months ago
Vladimir Kucherov "Thoughts " First impression is that it looks exactly like all those hotel cigarette ashcans that used to blight the landscape. Fill the top with some of that white silica sand and
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Video: Color Grading Reel - Christian Stoehr
by Christian Stoehr 1 year ago
Color Grading Reel - Christian Stoehr Short Sample of some recent work I did at my home studio with a new DaVinci Resolve Suite. watch demo reel
Benoit Cote liked this 1 year ago
Video: Color Grading Reel - Benoit Cote
by Benoit Cote 1 year ago
Color Grading Reel - Benoit Cote 2012 color grading reel. Edit by Guillaume Choquette Music by David Holmes - I Heard Wonders watch demo reel
Harvey Wiesenberg liked this 12 months ago
Re: Color Grading Reel - Benoit Cote
by Harvey Wiesenberg 12 months ago
Capitvating Video.Your colorful food layout had me reaching for a snack.Plus the background music was perfect. hw
Video: Sascha Haber 2010
by Sascha Haber 3 years ago
Sascha Haber 2010 The latest and greatest of four years at GHOST in Copenhagen. All color by me and myself, all effect work by very talented people I work with. watch demo reel
Benoit Cote liked this 2 years ago
Re: Sascha Haber 2010
by Jordan Quackenbush 3 years ago
Love your cinematography & composition of shots. I was drawn to your shots and was left wanting to see more when the reel finished.
Lion update: Gpus inside Cubix ignored by Resolve
by Benoit Cote 2 years ago
Hi, I just updated my system to 10.7.3. As mentioned in another thread, I had to re-install Resolve (8.2) since I had failures to initialize Digital Powerhouse. Now, even tough Mac OS sees all 3 quadr
Re: Lion update: Gpus inside Cubix ignored by Resolve
by Benoit Cote 2 years ago
Thanks for the reply. That's what I just did. I mean, first I simply upgraded the system, then I formated the drive and did a clean install. Once I had installed the nvidia drivers I started Resolve a
Standard Candle v82
by Margus Voll 2 years ago
Hi. I just did re upload Standard Candle test that Sascha made. I just exported from V8.2 Feel free to download: http: Standard Candle v82.resolve.tar.gz Please report your results
Re: Standard Candle v82
by Benoit Cote 2 years ago
Don't be sorry Sascha, those numbers are just THE good reason to get the 3x gtx680 next friday !! From what I can see from previous post, there is not much difference between a double and a triple qua
Standard Candle v8.0
by Sascha Haber 3 years ago
Hi there, back to benchmarking I say ! I refined the project so it contains predefined versions to test and play around with. Again, import the project, relink the clip from the installer and you shou
Re: Standard Candle v8.0
by Benoit Cote 2 years ago
Hi any chance we could get our hands on those files We've got 3 quadro 4000 running as gpu and we would really like to compare that setup to those mentioned here. Thanks Benoit Cote Colorist www.lacav
Autosave feature misunderstanding
by Benoit Cote 2 years ago
There's something about the autosave feature I don't get. If I leave it on, my project gets saved every 5 minutes. Great news. But the autosave list stays empty and the project gets basically overwrit
Re: Autosave feature misunderstanding
by Benoit Cote 2 years ago
Thank you Sascha (For this answer as well as all your other answers I've read on the forum) So the way the autosave feature react on my system looks perfectly normal to you It looked strange to me. I
Known limit of gpu in a mac
by Benoit Cote 3 years ago
Hi, first post around, hope this hasn't been answered somewhere else :) I'm building a DaVinci system on a MacPro 5,1 with the Cubix Desktop4. Right now, I've got a Quadro 4000 inside the Mac in slot1
Re: Known limit of gpu in a mac
by Eric Fiegehen 3 years ago
Kevin is 95% correct. It's not a Resolve limitation, but an OS-X limitation of 4 GPUs per Mac Pro. Eric

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